Unit 8: Building National Memorials

Jim laychak lost his brother Dave at the Pentagon on September 11th. Jim realized the importance of creating a memorial at the Pentagon. He was invited to be one of the family members who would help develop plans. In May 2003, he became President of the Pentagon Memorial fund. The Pentagon families’ statement expressed the desire for “a memorial that would make people think, but not tell them what to think.” The Memorial opened on September 11, 2008.

Gordon Felt lost his brother Edward, a passenger on United flight 93, on September 11th. Ed was a highly accomplished computer engineer who loved to solve problems. Gordon became involved with the families of flight 93 organization in December 2002 when the President signed legislation to create a national memorial near Shanksville, to be operated by the national Park Service. Gordon believes that people visiting the Memorial will be inspired by the setting and the design to remember that even in our darkest days we can move forward with hope.