Unit 5 – Classroom & Service Projects

Students Make A Difference

To learn about young people who have taken steps to make a difference in their communities and the world at large visit FacingHistory.org. DoSomething.org offers many project ideas for how students can get active in their communities, while DonorsChoose.org provides educational projects that individuals and groups can support including how to help other classrooms that are in need.

Conduct Your Own Oral History

Many other people have used the shock and sadness of traumatic events to motivate them to accomplish an act of public service. Interview someone in your own community that experienced a tragedy or a hard challenge and as a result transformed their life to serve or help others. View the Conducting Oral Histories – Teacher Guide & Student Questions guide for instructions on how to conduct an oral history.

Breaking Stereotypes & Building Bridges Through Global Collaboration

You can join with iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) to interact directly with teachers and students throughout its 130-country network, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to support interaction and global collaborative project work with students from around the world. Your class can participate in a web-based project that can help build global understanding. All iEARN projects build bridges, improve education, and make a difference through direct student-to-student interaction in a safe and secure online “Collaboration Centre.” Visit iearn.org to learn more and register.