Unit 4 – Connect & Reflect

1. Fact: The Port Authority police provide protection for facilities operated by The Port Authority of NY & NJ such as tunnels, bridges, airports and the World Trade Center.

Personal Experience Question: Norma Hardy worked at the World Trade Center for many years and knew the complex very well. Why did she rush into work when she realized that New York was under attack? Do you think her training prepared her for the situation on September 11th? How do you think law enforcement training has changed since September 11th?

2. Fact: By 10:26 a.m. on the morning of September 11th, both the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center had collapsed. The air in Lower Manhattan was thick with smoke and dust from the pulverized buildings.

Personal Experience Question: When she got out of her car in Lower Manhattan, Norma was in a daze as she began walking towards a police command post. Why was she unaware of her surroundings as she walked? What words can be used to describe the sights she saw?

3. Fact: The rescue at the WTC site ended on the morning of September 12th when two Port Authority policemen were the last people to be pulled alive from the rubble. People working at the site hoped they would find more survivors, but realized as the days and weeks went on that it would be a recovery operation in which they only found the dead. The recovery lasted until May 30, 2002.

Personal Experience Question: People working on the recovery at the WTC site developed very strong bonds with each other. How do you think the experiences of people who were at the site were different from the daily experiences of people in the rest of the city at that time? Have you ever had a challenging task to accomplish with others? Did you create a bond?

4. Fact:The Port Authority Police Department lost 37 police, the New York Police Department lost 23 officers. The Fire Department of New York lost 343 men.

Personal Experience Question: Norma knew the majority of the Port Authority victims who were lost. How can she honor their memory?

5. Fact: The people of the United States and the world responded to the attacks of September 11th with unprecedented generosity, sending donations of money, supplies, sympathy, and workers. Hundreds of thousands of people volunteered to support the recovery workers by serving them food, providing supplies, offering them medical care, and addressing their spiritual needs.

Personal Experience Question: Norma helps young women in law enforcement deal with issues they face in their work. Do you know anyone who was a volunteer related to September 11th? Do you know someone who volunteers in your community? What type of work do they do? Who provides encouragement to the volunteers who work in your community?