Unit 4 – Classroom & Service Projects

Career Choice

What motivates people to choose a particular career, as Lee and his sons were so motivated to become firefighters? Write about an adult you know who is driven to accomplish his or her career goal of serving others.

Women In Uniformed Service

Research the history of women in the uniformed services either in your community or in the country at large. What roles did women play in the police department or fire department before they began working on the job alongside men? What is the ratio of female officers or firefighters to their male counterparts? Are there any aspects of the job that women are not allowed to perform?

Poetry As Memorial

Norma Hardy wrote a poem about her colleagues, “The Men” that was later put to music and recited at funerals. Poems aim to capture the essence of the feeling of a person, place, or time. Write a poem as a tribute to someone or something that you have lost. Can your poem capture the essence of what is lost but what still remains in spirit?