Unit 1 – Definitions

The World Trade Center (WTC) was a seven-building complex spanning more than 16 acres. Buildings 1 and 2, also known as the North and South Tower respectively, were the tallest in the complex at 110 stories and were affectionately referred to as the Twin Towers. (See map)

Battery Park is a park at the southern tip of Manhattan. (See map)

Afghanistan is a country in South Central Asia bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, and China. Traditionally and to this day, the country has been largely governed by tribal leaders who resist foreign interference. Since the late 1970s Afghanistan has been in a continuous state of war involving frequent foreign occupation.

Al Qaeda is a global trans-national, yet stateless network. It is made up of Islamic extremists dedicated to techniques of terrorism, its goal is to attack perceived enemies of Islam.

The Taliban is a violent extremist Muslim militia that enforces a fundamentalist code of behavior that violates many human rights such as basic education and women’s rights. The Taliban originated in Afghanistan and has moved to other countries.

Terrorism is the use of violence against civilians with the intent to cause fear or panic. Terrorists commit violent acts to bring attention to their cause.